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February 2015

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About the Heel of the Month Award

"The Heel of the Month Award was started in 1993 to honor one or more THSCC members each month for his/her recent outstanding driving or for recognition of some special or notable action recently performed either within the club or outside of the club."

Heel of the Month

This month the award goes to longtime club member, past Autocross VP, and Club President emeritus, Rodney Wright.

We present this award to Rodney to thank him for everything he has done for the club over the years. While not an officer in 2015, he has continued to help advise staff members and help out.

Clearly, Rodney is preparing for his 2016 Presidential campaign. Thanks, Rodney!

Don't forget to join us for our monthly Club Meetings on the second Wednesday of every month at Randy's Pizza on Miami Blvd in Durham!

New THSCC Website - we want your feedback!

Please take a moment to visit our newly launched website at www.thscc.com and poke around and tell us what you think.

Send any suggestions or comments to our webmaster at webmaster@thscc.com. We very much appreciate your feedback!

In This Edition

  • February Update
  • Website Launch
  • Kart Enduros
  • Heel of the Month
  • Autocross Report
  • Rallycross Report
  • Track Report


February Update

Greetings from THSCC! The year is underway, and it has been COLD in many parts of the state. We hope everyone has been staying warm and safe.

Unfortunately the bad weather has resulted in us having to reschedule our first two events, the Autocross Points Event #1 & Test-n-Tune as well as our Rallycross Points Event #1 & Novice School. Scheduling events this early in the year is always risky, and it didn't quite work out this time. However, we are still on track for events starting in March when things will start to warm up.

The Autocross Points #1 and Test-n-Tune has been rescheduled for the weekend of March 7-8, and will still be held at Danville Regional Airport. The Rallycross Points event will not be rescheduled, however the Rallycross School will be rescheduled for a later date. Keep an eye on our website, MotorsportReg for that event.

We appreciate your understanding and bearing with us with these event postponements and we look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

-Zach Hill, President


Website Launch

As discussed over the last, well... forever, we have been attempting to design and deploy a new Website for the Club. We are pleased to formally announce that the new http://www.thscc.com Website is up and running. It passed the test of time and then some. Thank you very much for Carl and Emmie Fisher for devoting so many hours of their time to ensure the Website and Forum were working well and over the years have made many modifications to the site which makes it very special. Although this new site is replacing the original site in its entirety, the original THSCC Web site served us well and will be archived.

Although the new THSCC website is online, it is still considered a work in progress, so you will be seeing new features and content being added and maybe minor visual tweaks here and there once we have tested in our Development environment. We are hoping that with the new platform, it will empower more people to stay involved in the site by creating content such as News Items, Misc Announcements, Schedule Changes (which are always accompanied by an email), and other content that will allow for the site to grow and continue to be dynamic. Officers and designated Staff currently have various forms of access roles and we will continue to add to this, refining

Beyond this, the website has been moved to a new server, which is faster, and has less resource constraints. It is also running much more current releases of key components. We are excited to make this site as usable and interesting as possible. If you want to contribute by supplying feedback, please let us know by emailing webmaster@thscc.com so we can acknowledge your comment or concern, and determine the priority if it requires any action by the team managing the Website.

We have many action items on our plate of tasks to address. Some of these are items such as YouTube Integration, a new Photo Gallery, a new mechanism to view results, and more.

Stay tuned!

-Noah Fleming, THSCC Webmaster


Kart Enduros

Kart Enduro signups are now online! If you haven't been to a THSCC Kart Enduro before, now is your chance. These events are arrive-and-drive, two-hour wheel-to-wheel races that require a minimum of three pit stops complete with driver changes.

The weight classing will be slightly changed this year. There will still be two classes like before, Light and Heavy, but the weight cutoff point will instead be at the halfway point between all teams at weigh-in. This will ensure an equal number of teams competing in each class.

Currently we have two events posted, and they are held on the Saturday evening during the HPDE weekends at VIR. Those participating in HPDE will have time to head over to the Kart track after their on-track driving, and it's a great opportunity for those who have never been on track to come do some wheel-to-wheel racing.

Spots are limited, as the VIR Kart Track only has 12 karts, so thus only 12 team slots are available. Be sure to sign up early!

Registration links:


Also, keep an eye on our website as we may be announcing additional Kart Enduros this year...


Autocross Report

Due to the weather, our first event in Danville was rescheduled to the weekend of March 7-8. We will continue with the existing plan, with a Test-n-Tune event on Saturday and the Points Event #1 on Sunday. Registrations were retained, so if you signed up for the rescheduled event then you are still registered for the new date. If you are unable to attend the new date, please adjust your registration accordingly or contact autocross@thscc.com.

The rest of our schedule is shaping up quickly with additional preregistration pages to be posted soon. For those who are willing to sign up extra early the first four events on MSR are up and open to registrations including the 2015 Chick School and our first event at NCCAR.

Currently we have events through May confirmed with more to come including our return to VMP in August, two more events at NCCAR for our July and September events and this year’s NCAC event at……… ZMax!

As a final note from our staff, we would like to offer the opportunity to anyone in the club who is interested in trying to build a course for our 3rd and 4th Points Events (NCCAR and Danville respectively).  If you are interested or know someone new to the sport who would be interested, email autocross@thscc.com or find the thread on our forums http://thscc.com/forum.

See you all in Danville!

-THSCC Autocross Staff


Rallycross Report

The Novice School and the Points Event at Wilson scheduled for Feb 28 and March 1 were canceled due to weather conditions. The surface was too wet to take two days of traffic without damaging the venue. The novice school will be rescheduled, the points event will not be. If you were registered for the event, you were not charged and your registration has been canceled. Watch our website for the rescheduled date for the Rallycross Novice School.

Our next rallycross event at VIR the weekend of April 11 but have not yet determined if we want to hold it on Saturday or Sunday. We've strengthened our presence on Facebook with a new group called North Carolina Rally Cross and by posting our events. We've also reached out to other clubs in the southeast to generate interest. We need folks to video and photograph our sessions in order to provide interesting content for the web.

Be part of the Fun…

-THSCC Rallycross


In other news:

The club had a small turn-out at the LeMons race at Barber Motorsports Park. Duff Beer Civic finished 16th overall and 3rd in Class B (Ricky Beam and Roger McDaniels); Team Super Westerfield Bros. finished 17th overall and 14th  in Class A (Stephen Westerfield); Shark Bait Racing finished 45th overall and 21st in Class B. (Charles Lankford)

Don’t know who else in club was there……


Track Report

Earlier in February, we had a great tech inspection day at Janko Imports, and many cars were inspected. Check out some of the photos of the event here:

picture 1 Picture 2

picture 3 Pciture 4

If you weren't able to bring your car to get inspected, we still have one more tech day coming up:

Registration is currently open but filling up for the April VIR North Course event, so go sign up soon if you haven't already!

Be on the lookout for early-bird registration specials for the CMP coming soon. The earlier you register, the more the discount!

NOTE: that we accidentally listed the wrong date for our September event in the January newsletter. The correct schedule is as follows:

THSCC members will receive a $25 discount on top of these prices if you enter the member discount code.  The discount will be listed on our forum.  If you do not access the forum, please contact us at trackregistrar@thscc.com.

First responders as well as current and former military personnel are also eligible for an additional $25 discount.

As always, let us know if you have any questions at trackadmin@thscc.com and we look forward to seeing everyone next season!

-THSCC Track Staff