Our 2020 membership registration is live! - Register here

You may notice that we've made some changes to the pricing structure this year.

All Annual membership dues are now $12 per person. Lifetime membership remains at $200 per person.

We've also added in the ability to register for an AutoX permanent number for the season. So long as you keep your membership in good standing you will be guaranteed the use of your number in class.
If you have an existing lifetime membership you can register for an AutoX permanent number by selecting the "Existing lifetime membership" option in the renewals section.

We have an incredible 2020 Season in the works, with Autocross, Rally Cross and HPDE Events. We’re looking forward to providing our members with the best grassroots motorsports experience in the area. So take advantage of our $12 Annual Membership and come have fun with the Tarheel Sports Car Club in 2020!

Happy Holidays THSCC Registrars - registrar@thscc.com