Hi everyone, Maria here! I am so excited about hosting the Chick School this year. Every time I meet a woman interested in cars or autocross, I tell them about this school. It's one of the best ways to introduce autocross and get more familiar with the sport. The instructors at the Chick School are so talented and NC is full of woman who have won national championships. If any of your friends have been on the fence about autocross, this is the event they should be at. 

Please help us to spread the word!

Registration link:

AutoX Officer Roles and Responsibilities



THSCC AutoX VP Responsibities:(3)


-Arrange AutoX schedule and work dates and contracts with respective sites.

-Set up bus day and ensure that all officers order supplies needed for the coming season.

- (Bus Day) Check that there is sufficient paper and pens for coming season.

- Make sure that the PA and other equipment is working and stowed where it can be found.

-Vote/suggest heel of the month for club meeting.

-Generate trophy artwork for Christmas party.

-Generate autocross presentation for Christmas party.

-Help investigate potential new sites for safety/feasibility as needed.

-Input schedule and make updates to events on MSR.

-Be the point of contact for charity events such as Jimmy V. Ensure that we are meeting the legal and ethical expectations of the charity.

-Help round up prizes for Jimmy V prize raffle and Christmas party.

-Provide codes for free entries as needed to event chairs and to those who have won free events.


Responsibilities for GMing an event:


-Identify event chair, make sure they complete a dash plaque and get it to Vincent at least 2 weeks before the event.

-Identify bus driver for the event. Worth noting, the club will comp a hotel room for the bus driver and up to 2 event chairs as well as the GM (share rooms when possible though).

-Manage entry to the site (pick up the key for Danville and make sure it gets back to the office after, get the gate code for NCCAR, manage blocking off the lot at Cary).

-Schedule portajohns when appropriate (not needed for NCCAR, for Danville we use a service called Handy Johns as they know how to access the site, and for Cary we used a company called A Sanican last time, but whoever is cheapest).

-Be present for course setup and assure safety of the course design, make sure people are behaving properly on setup day and delegate all the necessary set up tasks (course setup, timer setup, worker station setup, positioning of the bus, etc).

-Assure that the necessary staff positions for the event are covered (registrar, worker coordinator, novice coordinator, tech), solicit volunteers to cover them if we are missing any.

-Set up facebook events and Motorsportsreg events (You must be capable of learning to navigate MSR from an admin perspective if you aren't familiar with it).

-Manage relationship with site people while we are there (for Danville, there is very little to worry about, for NCCAR, Sam is usually very friendly and fine).

-Determine with Worker Coordinator the number of run groups to assure that worker stations are fully staffed and that worker shifts are of a reasonable length of time. This is especially important on hot summer days.

-Perform drivers meeting.

- Determine the quantity of runs by the conclusion of the second runs in the first heat.

-Keep the schedule of the event moving while you are there so that we can get started close to the posted schedule and get home at a reasonable hour

-Present trophies at the conclusion of the event

-Autocross report at meeting for the meeting following an event you GM'd

-Autocross report for the newsletter for events/months that you GM'd

- Ensure that Treasurer (Mary Johnson) gets the insurance info set up and to the site contacts.

- Next event GM Purchases supplies to replenish stock and delivers them to their event.


Our contacts for current sites:


Danville Airport   Lisa Bevins 434-799-5110

NCCAR   Sam True 252-308-0516

Cary Towne Center   Alexis Johnson   919-467-0145 (Contact Mark Frank at the Triangle Aquatics Center for a heads up. )

VMP Gail Buyalos  804-862-3174


Worker Coordinators (2):

- Must attend the bus day to inventory WC equipment.

- Check all radios and order new as necessary.

- Check supplies, makes sure that there are sufficient radio batteries to last the season, AA and AAA.

- Make sure that there are sufficient waiver forms both adult and minor.

- Make sure that there are sufficient pens, Tech colored dot sticker, and wristbands


Day of event:

- Previous to the event get two volunteers to work gate, 1st gate at 7:30 2nd at 8:30. Gate closes at 9:30 Make sure that gate workers have yours and GM's cell numbers to get additional help if there is a long line at the gate. Give gate worker assignment preference to older or competators with special needs. 

- Have gate box set up for the next event, Clipboard, waivers, pens, wrist bands, and tech stickers for season tech holders. At NCCAR make sure that we have sufficient NCCAR waivers at the gate.

- Ensure that sufficient water is available and buy ice. (getting additional water may be deligated)

- Fill worker stations ice chests with ice, water, and chalk. Distribute ice chests to worker stations and ensure that they are replenished as needed throughout the day.

- Check that the radios have enough battery capacity for the whole day. If one bar, then replace.

- Set up worker table and shade if desired. Take it down and stow gear at the end of the event.

- Ensure that sufficient worker stations are set up and that they have cones, flags, and radios.

- Define the number of run groups and classes to be run in each. Review and get approval from GM. (That's were your workers come from.)

- Manage worker changeovers during the event, make sure all workers are recalled after their shift, and cover any worker stations that are not staffed. Report anyone who doesn't come to work to T&S.


- After the event send GM an email to and  CC: with a list of what supplies need replenishment.   

Chief of Tech:(2)

- (Bus Day) make sure that there are sufficient yearly inspection stickers and day of inspection dots to last the season.

- Print enough annual inspection forms to cover the first 3 autocrosses.

Day of event:

- Conduct Tech inspections starting 8:00 till 9:00 AM for those events that have the first car off by 10:00 and 9:30 till 10:30 for those that have the first car off at 12:00 PM.




- Manage MSR registration.

- Provide timely replies to participants who email you with issues and resolve them as best as possible, nicely.

- Manage the funds on MSR and the on site cash collection. Ensure that funds get transferred to Treasurer in a timely manner.


Day of event:

- Import MSR data into AXWare the night before the event (this can also be done by chief of T&S if they have the computer)

- Bring $100 in $5 bills to the event for petty cash.

- Create preregistered & prepaid list for posting on the side of the bus

- Conduct registration starting at 8:00 till 8:45 AM for those event that have the first car off by 10:00 and 10:00 till 11:00 AM for those that have the first car off at 12:00 PM.

- Update any changes to participant classing and numbering.

- Manage ticket sales for raffle event days. Work with WC to create worker positions for this if necessary.

- Deposit money from the event within 1 week of the event. Charge cards on MSR the day of the event.


Timing and Scoring:


- (Bus Day) Check that all timing and scoring equipment is functional. This includes the PC and the printer. Make arrangements for any repairs or replacements. Order any supplies necessary including printer ink.


Day of event:

- Obtain staffing for the full day and inform Worker Coordinator whom they are.

-Set up equipment and ensure that it is functioning.

- Help debug any timing and scoring issues as they come up throughout the day (with the help of the GM's.) The timing equipment should be tested and functional 30 minutes before first car off.

- Work your T and S shift.

- Get worker coordinator to assign auditors and ensure that audits are conducted when event is half over and at the end of the day.

-Present printed results sheet in a timely manner to GM for trophy presentation. (Goal to have this completed 15 minutes after the last car has run.)

- Post results to THSCC website and update forums and FB page when they are posted. Ideally these are to be posted within 2 days of the event if at all possible.


Novice Coordinators:

- Plan and run the novice school as well as be the Chair for points event that occurs that weekend.


Day of event (2):

- Conduct Novice walks at every event at 8:45 and do so in such a manner that it will conclude before the drivers meeting begins, usually by 9:30 AM.

- Explain the driving line and the strategy to support it.

- Explain to novices the different cone calls and when to call a DNF. ( Most novices don't understand why they DNF'd)

- Be clear about what to do at a gate, pointer cone, slalom entry, and etc.

- Reinforce that if you think that you are going to spin or loose control of the car, put both feet in until control has returned.

- Make sure that they know that they must always pass through the finish line at the end of a run even if it's a blown run.

- Find experienced drivers who are willing to be Novice Taxis and distribute the taxi magnets

- Make sure that novices know that they can ride with experienced drivers and the value of doing so.

- Ensure that every novice has the oportunity to ride along with an experienced driver before their first run.

- Make sure that any novice who wants an instructor to ride along has one.

- Be available in grid for every run group

- Do everything that has been left off of this list that you believe will help novices improve.

Before we begin our August autocross report, we want to take a moment to highlight one of THSCC's long time sponsors Janko Import Cars. Jan and Sebastian Kokozska are both longtime members of THSCC and enthusiastic supporters of all things motorsports. If you have a need for pre-owned cars, automotive service, or even RENTAL of a rally car, check out their shop in Wake Forest or visit them online at
On August 20th, 2017 THSCC returned to Virginia Motorsports Park in Dinwiddie, VA for their 7th points autocross of the year. The event chairs were veteran Patrice Bousquet as well as a relatively new member Guangming Cui (who actually drives Patrice's old Miata in STS). With SCCA nationals fast approaching, many experienced autocrossers were out trying to make final tweaks and burn up the last of tires. Being farther north than THSCC's typical sites, we drew a good crowd from VMSC as well as from the DC region, making the competition as fierce as ever. 
The course featured high speeds, flowing sweepers, and a finish that really punished overdriving. Many competitors threw away great runs right at the end by being a bit overanxious. FTD went to an A-Mod car driven by Bernard Cooley, while Doug Keiler took the fastest raw time in a fendered car. The fastest street tired car was Ryan Davies in his A-Street Corvette which also managed to take home fastest PAX, with Andrew Pallotta taking home 2nd.
Francis Chan had a strong showing with an 8th overall PAX, taking home the D-Street class win. E-Street was a battle for 2nd place, with Christopher Cann pacing the field, but 2nd through 6th all within 1.5 seconds of one another. Carlton Whitehead continued his dominance of STR taking the class win by .8 seconds despite two DNF's to start the day. 
A strong showing in novice class with 22 entries. The top 5 were Kyle Rasmussen, Phil Springer, Zachary Clemens, Mike Blank, and John Joyner. Mike and John have made it a habit of finishing near the top of novice, FS and HS open class better look out next year!
Once again thanks to Janko Import Cars for their long time support, to all of our autocross participants, officers and staff for a great month. We look forward to seeing you in September for our next event at NCCAR.9/30. Its a great opportunity to tune up the weekend before the NC Autocross Championships, hosted this year by NCR-SCCA at Cherry Point. If you are interested in running either event, make sure to sign up early on For the championship event with NCR, be aware the registration deadline is SEPTEMBER 24.


Results from our Points Autocross #7 at VMP are published!

We all had a great time this weekend at THSCC's Points Event #6 at NCCAR. The weather was sunny and a little hot. We had around 130 entrants of which 45 were Novices. I would like to thank our Novice Coordinators George Paraskevas and Tom Middleton as well as all the Tarheeler's who hustled to make this a great experience for the Novices. The results are up on Course designers Alex Cao and Jordan Best made sure that we had an exciting, fast, and long course. Typical run times ranged from 60 to 70 seconds. FTD was captured by Colling Walther in an FSAE with a time of 53.980. The fastest time in a real car was pulled off by course designer Jordan Best in a 2013 BRZ with a time of 59.120. Our blazing fast Novice was John Joyner in a BMW 335i with a time of 62.368. Thank goodness that he's not in CS. Our most impressive vehicle was Paul Newton's 1977 Jaguar XJC harnessing 450 super charged HP in 4 liters. Not only was it fast, but it had amazing grip. The fastest class was SM with 80% of the class running in the 59's. Kudos to Maria Mayorga who sewed up CS as well as FT Street with a time of 61.133. The battle for STR dominance continued between Bart Craig and Carlton Whitehead with Bart coming up on top with a time of 61.380. 


Participants got to enjoy 5 long runs making this a long day, but hopefully a fun day. Our club has never had so many competitors at NCCAR and we struggled a bit. THSCC will be back at NCCAR for AutoX Event #8 on September 20th. The officers and staff have reviewed the event and are putting into place plans to improve our next NCCAR event. THSCC is also hosting AutoX #7 at Virginia Motor Sports Park in N. Dinwiddie, VA on August 20th. Thank you all for coming. We look forward to seeing you at these events in the future. 


Our sponsors play a big part in supporting our club and events. Please support them. (Sponsor LinkRush Hour Karting is a great place to get ready for your next motorsports event.

Results from our Points Autocross #2 at Cary Towne Center are published.

Congratulations to Andrew Pallotta, who ran both the fastest raw and PAX times!

Registration is open for our Novice School & Points Autocross #3, which will be at Danville Regional Airport on Saturday and Sunday, May 6 and 7, 2017.