Since 1964, Tarheel Sports Car Club has been organizing and hosting autocrosses, rallycrosses, and road rallies. In 2000, THSCC added Time Trials to its activities. In 2012, Kart Enduros were added.

Born and bred in Eastern North Carolina, THSCC is an independent club supported by member dues, event fees, and our fine sponsors.

Though cars are what bring us together, those who join Tarheel Sports Car Club and participate regularly in events, meetings, and social outings quickly find out that this group of people is much more than just a car club.


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Tributes to Our Friends

  • Gene Miller
  • John Mullis
  • Don Ingerslew
  • Jim Feinberg

Why Driver's License?

You might wonder why we chose driver's license to identify people. Why not just use your name or your Social Security number? Why do we have to identify people at all?

The problem is that, in our preregistration database, we need a simple way to tell everyone apart. Some event participants have the same name (like father-son pairs), and it doesn't seem too unlikely we'll get two John Smiths showing up someday. And people's names can change due to marriage. Social Security numbers would work, but that is very important personal information that we have no business collecting.

So, short of assigning everyone preregistering for one of our events yet another Personal Id Number as a unique identifier, we decided to use driver's license state and number -- 'cause if you don't have one of those already, you won't be participating anyway.

Tarheel Sports Car Club Privacy Policy

Tarheel Sports Car Club fully respects your privacy and the security of your personal information. Except for the posting of your name and vehicle information in various online THSCC locations (including but not limited to event results), the personal information you provide for event purposes exists only in access-protected files on the THSCC website and in the Timing and Scoring program on the club laptop. We do not use your personal information for any non-club purpose. Except for the posting of your name and vehicle information in various online THSCC locations (including but not limited to event results), we do not share your personal information, nor allow it to be shared, with any outside party.

Tarheel Sports Car Club periodically publishes a Membership Directory. No personal information other than the member's name will be published in the Directory without the consent of the member. Unless and until THSCC creates a password protected location for members only to access, this Directory will be in paper form only.

This privacy policy is not subject to change.

2014 Club Officers & Staff


Rodney Wright

(call before 9:00PM)

Autocross V.P.s

Brice Johnson
Noah Fleming
Derek Delong


Rally/Rallycross V.P.s

Charlie Guthrie
Drew O'Neil


HPDE (Track) Schools &
   Time Trials V.P.

Zach Hill
Stephen Westerfield



Bowie Gray, Sr.


Mgr. Busi. Development

Dustin Fredrickson

Site Search Coordinator

Rodney Wright


Steven Spampinato

Newsletter Editor/Publisher

Steve Blalock

Sergeant at Arms

Rodney Wright

Keeper of the Bus

Chris Suich

Chief of Timing Equip.

Autocross VPs

Members at Large

Ryan Holton
Matt McGrain

Mass Communications

Forums Administrator

Noah Fleming


Forums Administrator

Zach Hill


Web Team

(Track/Time Trials pgs)

Noah Fleming & Zach Hill

Track Webmaster