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March 16, 1942 - March 8, 2013


Don Ingerslew with his FFR Cobra


On March 8, 2013, Tarheel Sports Car Club lost one of its most selfless and most friendly family members.

Don Ingerslew joined THSCC in early 2003. Don has alway been an amazing resource to the club as a heavy contributor to both the autocross and track programs. Don was always willing to help new participants and help the club setup and clean up before and after events. He never got tired of the endless questions about his beautiful Factory Five Racing Spec Cobra or the incessant drooling over said car by everyone who has seen it. Don was a very cheerful and funny man and, as secretary of THSCC, has written some of the most entertaining and witty meeting minutes.

Member quotes about Don:


  • "I'll miss Don and his warm greetings and love of motorsports and good humor."
    -Rob Lupella
  • "Don was truly a great man and will be missed by many. He was always one of the first to offer to lend a hand whether it be with event set up, a busted car, or whatever you needed. He helped with the autocross program in numerous ways over the years and also picked up the slack in a number of places in the track program. He was, overall, just a huge asset to the club. I'll miss seeing yellow #64 going round the track."
    -Stephen Westerfield
  • "He was a truly generous and kind person."
    -Marcus McRae
  • "He was always quick with a warm welcome, friendly conversation and a smile."
    -Cash Davidson
  • "Don was truly one of the most genuinely good guys I've ever known. I remember the first day I met him at a THSCC meeting many years ago with his red Mustang that he had participated in the Silver State Classic in Nevada with and talking of the FF Cobra he was preparing to build at the time which became the yellow beast we all know and love. I remember thinking that this was one cool old dude who lived life well and clearly loved cars; I wanted to be like Don when I grew up. I will miss his friendly face and warm greetings and consider it a privilege to have known him. I'll miss seeing that yellow Cobra at events. I will miss his witty approach to meeting minutes that we were just getting to know. I'm saddened that I just left the state and will not be able to honor his life attending his funeral. RIP Don Ingerslew. You will not soon be forgotten."
    -Les Davis
  • "Don was one of the most thoughtful and giving people we had in the club. I've seen him spend his entire day at an autocross helping a newcomer to the sport and to the club, taking him under his wing. Don didn't even think about it. It was automatic."
    -Karl Shultz


"W. Donald Ingerslew, 70, of Cary, NC died on Friday, March 8, 2013. He is survived by his wife, Mary Kathleen Ingerslew; three children, Jim, Kim, and Tracey, and 9 grandchildren. A celebration of his life will be held at the Catholic community of St. Francis of Assisi, 11401 Leesville Rd. Raleigh, NC on Friday, March 15th, 2013 at 2:00pm. Interment will immediately follow in the St. Francis of Assisi Columbarium. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made in the name of W. Donald Ingerslew to, Hospice of Wake County, 250 Hospice Cir. Raleigh, NC 27607."


We do so miss your friendly smile and quick wit, dear friend,
and we'll do an extra lap for you.

Resource for origin of this award and information on early recipients was The Captain, Ron Spencer.


Some years ago, probably 1992 or so, at a CarGuys, Inc.® high-performance driving school at Roebling Road in Savannah, Ga., Tarheel member, Bill Wilkins, was instructing Tarheel member and novice track driver, Bill Gratton. Though Bill W. was a very good instructor, Bill G. was just a little too aggressive for his experience and overcooked turns 1 and 2. The two went off on the outside and then back across the track. The car almost came to a stop, but the sand had built up along the wheels and, at about 5 or 10 mph, over on its side it went. Both occupants were unscathed, but Bill W. exited the car with the instructor's-side door handle in hand, only adding to the bench-racing story of the incident.

The original door handle was returned to Bill G. to mend his car. However, later that same year, Ron Spencer was walking from one worker-station to another at Summit Point and saw yet another door handle on the ground. The Roebling incident immediately came to mind, along with an idea to immortalize the humorous Bill and Bill incident. Together with Queen Jean Wilkins, Bill's wife, the Golden Door Handle Award was born to "honor" the Tarheel member(s) involved in the most notorious off(s) of the year.


Recipients of the Golden Door Handle Award

2010 No Worthy Recipient! Really?!?
2009 Bryan Settle and Sean Dennis
2008 Cline Hall
2007 Bernie Baake
2006 Charlie Guthrie
2005 Stephen Westerfield and Cathie Taylor
2004 Charlie Guthrie
2003 Mark O'Dell and Karl "it's busted" Shultz
2002 Matt Graham
2001 Robert "The Enforcer" Plank
the last time we don't remember the year Mark Vitacco
yet another year Dean Irwin
a different year Carla Ball
another year Oscar White
one year "The Captain", Ron Spencer
the 1st year Bill Wilkins

2010  No Worthy Recipient! Really?!?
2009  Bryan Settle and Sean Dennis
2008  Cline Hall
2007  Bernie Baake
2006  Charlie Guthrie
2005  Stephen Westerfield and Cathie Taylor
2004  Charlie Guthrie
2003  Mark O'Dell and Karl "it's busted" Shultz
2002  Matt Graham
2001  Robert "The Enforcer" Plank
the last time we don't remember the year  Mark Vitacco
yet another year  Dean Irwin
a different year  Carla Ball
another year  Oscar White
one year  "The Captain", Ron Spencer
the 1st year  Bill Wilkins

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Written by "Geritol" Gene Miller
Originally published in the July 1995 Heel&Toe



If Yer a Tarheel Driver

Sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It"

If ya lift it in a corner
You might spin
If you lift it in a corner
You might spin
If ya lift it in a corner
You can count yourself a goner
So you better keep you flippin'
Right foot in.

If ya turn when ya brakes
That's a sin
If ya turn when ya brakes
That's a sin
If ya turn when ya brakes
The whole damn car rotates
And yer view of where yer goin's
Where ya been.

If ya cross yer arms while steerin'
You'll confess
If ya cross yer arms while steerin'
You'll confess
If ya cross yer arms while steerin'
The words ya might be hearin'
Are "damn, how'd I get in
Such as mess?"

If yer a Tarheel driver
Clap real loud
If yer a Tarheel driver
Clap real loud
'Cause if yer a Tarheel driver
We know yer a survivor
All those dumb mistakes,
That's not allowed.

If yer a Tarheel driver
Stomp yer feet
If yer a Tarheel driver
Stomp yer feet
'Cause if yer a Tarheel driver
We know you'd bet a fiver
That Tarheel Sports Car Club
Cannot be beat!


We Are Tarheels

Sung to the tune of "My Country 'Tis of Thee"

We've all come here today
With our sports cars to play
And get our thrills.
The course looks really fast.
We're gonna have a blast.
Drive like each run could be our last.
We are Tarheels.

We'll all have so much fun.
Drive like hell every run.
How good it feels.
And if we start to spin,
We'll just put on a grin
Then neatly tuck it right back in;
We are Tarheels.

And when this day is through
We'll have a nice cold brew;
How good it feels.
Remember with great pride
That most fantastic ride
That cast all doubts aside
We are Tarheels.

Yes, when this day is past
We'll remember to the last
How good it feels.
To've pushed hard on the gas.
To have gone really fast.
To've really kicked some ass!
We are Tarheels.


My Money's Always on Tarheels

Sung to the tune of "Camptown Races"

Tarheel drivers have good times,
Doo-dah, Doo-dah.
Tarheel drivers drive the line,
Oh, de doo-dah day.
They're born to drive real hard.
They're trained to go real fast.
And other clubs are gettin' tard
Of Tarheels kickin' ass.

Oh, de doo-dah-dee.
Oh, de doo-dah-day.
My money's always on Tarheels;
Those folks are always bad!

Tarheel drivers have more fun,
Doo-dah, Doo-dah.
They give it hell on every run.
Oh, de doo-dah day.
They're trained to drive real smooth.
They're trained to drive real good.
But most of all they're trained to say,
"Thank you for the wood."

Who'll bet on CCR?
Who'll bet on Triad?
My money's always on Tarheels;
Those folks are always bad!